1. My apologies

    When I said two weeks, I guess I really meant a month.  Sorry for being away for so long.  As I said on my twitter, I got a new vibrator about 3 weeks ago.  It’s amazing, it’s called the wet wabbit and I definitely recommend it.  You can look up all it’s nifty features, but there are several different speed combinations for the clitoral stimulation as well as the speed of the rotation of the head.  I didn’t need this vibrator for long because my ex-boyfriend told me he was miserable without me, so we are back together now.  I’ll give you more details of our sexual escapades later.  This was just a quick hello.

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  2. Busy

    I will be rather busy these next 2 or so weeks, but after that time I will work my hardest to make this a much better blog and work hard at finding people who actually want to follow me and contribute to the discussion.

    I’ll put a discussion topic for the week, or however long it takes a few people to respond to my post.  At this point, it’ll be more like a topic of the month. :(

    But enough with the negatives, time for some fun.

    The topic of this “week” is,

    What is your biggest sexual fantasy, and have you ever played it out?

    Personally, my biggest sexual fantasy is being a captured and taken as a slave of some indigenous population and ravished by the man who captured me.  Of course he wouldn’t be too rough, but extremely good looking and toned. :)  Unfortunately I have not yet played this one out.  Maybe one day!

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    My earliest human memory is eating sand on the beach when I was two, not one of my better ideas…

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  4. Summer of Love

    Hello, it’s nice to finally create this account.  This is a space where I want to be open about my sex life, and I want others to be open about it too.  I am no perverted, I just don’t like the idea of sexuality being a taboo topic.  So here is a place where I will openly discuss my sexual exploits and ask for your sexual or relationship advice as well as any stories you would like to share.

    That being said, I shall keep myself anonymous.  If you want to assign a name to me, you can go ahead, but I’m not making any suggestions.  I will tell you that I am a young woman who has recently gone through a breakup and I have had this idea for almost a year now.

    You can email me at


    or tweet me

    danextdoorwhore(yourfriendlyneighborhoodwhore was too long for twitter, sadface)

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